With Love


Valentine’s Day may be over, but with spring approaching (as soon as it stops raining, of course!), the season of budding flowers and feverish¬†new¬†love is only beginning. Soon we’ll see the birds courting one another again, and the world burst into bloom.

Inside the covers of this crimson tome, you’ll find photos and handwritten letters between artists and their loved ones. Many could be considered works of art themselves, with illustrations, collages, and calligraphy so lovely it could make a penmanship teacher feel faint (not that those exist anymore).

So if you find yourself feeling dreamy, curl up in a rare patch of sunlight with this book and swoon over the many winsome ways that love can be put into language, such as this piece of a letter from Elliot Orr to his wife Elizabeth:

“The artist loves the storm, but he loves the star lit sky too. To love is to understand a little better.”

Art history geek bonus: on page 53 you can see a lipstick kiss from Frida Kahlo.





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Mary J. Wilson