Banned Books Week


This week marks the annual celebration of Banned Books Week, a week dedicated to intellectual freedom and the right to read without censorship. Every year, hundreds of books are banned in the U.S. and thousands more are banned world wide.

What does Banned mean?
A banned book can mean that there is a nation wide, region wide, city wide, or institutional restriction from reading a specific book. More commonly, books are banned from schools, libraries, bookstores and more because an individual challenges it’s content.

What does Challenge mean?
A book challenge occurs when an individual or institution feels the content of a book is not appropriate in some way, and they make a formal complaint with the goal of having the book removed.

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Books are still being banned even today, a fact which many people are unaware of. And for every book that is banned, those individuals are effectively controlling what others are allowed to read.

Banned books week is a time to celebrate, loudly, the right to read what you want. You can check out a map of bans taking place over the last few years here. Or visit the American Library Association’s site to see a list of frequently banned items. The list includes some great works such as The Great Gatsby, the Harry Potter series, The Giver, The Catcher in the Rye, and more.


Stop by OCAC library to see a list of commonly banned books and, of course, to check some out to read.



Library Updates!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It was a busy summer in the library! Now that we are starting a new year, its time to update our followers. This summer we received many donations which may be of interest. Come by to take a look or search our online catalog for some of your favorite topics. Also this summer, we moved quite a few materials over to our storage unit. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, that may be why. Please ask our staff about finding materials in storage. Its easier than you think.

Orientation this year was amazing. The updated schedule included both a library informational session, and a tour. We were so pleased to get this precious time with incoming students and better acquaint them with library resources. Do you need a refresher on library resources? If so please come by. We are happy to give tours and go over everything from books to databases and more!!

Last Wednesday was Constitution day. Our librarian Elsa Loftis made an awesome “cosmo quiz” with a twist. Which founding father would you have voted for? If you took a current citizenship test, would you get deported? These quizzes added a fun element to our yearly celebration and we hope to have more people in next year! This week starts off banned books week, a national holiday celebrating the freedom to read without censorship. What are some of your favorite banned books? Elsa likes Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham and Ash enjoys the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Other notable banned books include: The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lolita, The Color Purple, The Harry Potter series and much much more. To learn more about banned books, and to see a list of things that have been banned, you can visit !!!

-Ash Ward (Your friendly OCAC library worker)