Course Reserves in Your Library

OCAC Library is proud to present our course reserves in a new way. While many are already familiar with our reserves, we wanted to reintroduce this section of our library now that it has a face lift.

1267001_10151897708861204_1655495484_oThe reserves are generally materials set aside by faculty to supplement the classes they teach. If you are taking Plant Ecology, you will find a number of helpful books and plant guides that have been placed in the reserves. Plant specimens are also available to use in the library for practice identification (or just for inspiration). For letterpress and papermaking, there are a multitude of books examining process and structure. These are available in the library, any time, for student and OCAC community use. Some materials can be checked out for limited periods or otherwise utilized in the library. The reserve collection is housed in our periodical room right next to the reference materials. These collections have been placed together for your studying convenience.

In addition to this physical space, there is now an online platform for students to use. Our population on campus is diverse and the library hours do not meet the needs of all of our students. If you find yourself at home and need to look at the list of reserved books you can do so starting Spring term. Go to the library website, then click on More Library Resources and Course Reserves. This will take you to a table including what classes currently have books reserved. You can then click on your class and see the list of books that are here.

Faculty can even come here to find information on creating a new reserve collection for their class.



I Inter-library Loan and So Can You

You may hear the library staff throw around the term “ILL” or “inter-library loan” frequently. What is this? Inter-library loan is an amazing program that allows us to easily acquire books for students, faculty and staff that we might not be able to have in our own library. Maybe you’d like some super obscure and specific book that OCAC library just doesn’t have. Maybe you’ve looked in your local library and they don’t have it either. Come in and speak with Elsa, your librarian, to discuss the possibility of inter-library loans. Is there perhaps a library in Wisconsin or New York that owns the item? WE CAN GET IT!!

Through the power of ILL we can order anything nationally or even internationally and have it conveniently delivered to our holds shelf. You are even notified by email when it arrives. How easy!

Check out our online catalog to search for books and get inspired.

Library Updates!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It was a busy summer in the library! Now that we are starting a new year, its time to update our followers. This summer we received many donations which may be of interest. Come by to take a look or search our online catalog for some of your favorite topics. Also this summer, we moved quite a few materials over to our storage unit. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, that may be why. Please ask our staff about finding materials in storage. Its easier than you think.

Orientation this year was amazing. The updated schedule included both a library informational session, and a tour. We were so pleased to get this precious time with incoming students and better acquaint them with library resources. Do you need a refresher on library resources? If so please come by. We are happy to give tours and go over everything from books to databases and more!!

Last Wednesday was Constitution day. Our librarian Elsa Loftis made an awesome “cosmo quiz” with a twist. Which founding father would you have voted for? If you took a current citizenship test, would you get deported? These quizzes added a fun element to our yearly celebration and we hope to have more people in next year! This week starts off banned books week, a national holiday celebrating the freedom to read without censorship. What are some of your favorite banned books? Elsa likes Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham and Ash enjoys the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Other notable banned books include: The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lolita, The Color Purple, The Harry Potter series and much much more. To learn more about banned books, and to see a list of things that have been banned, you can visit !!!

-Ash Ward (Your friendly OCAC library worker)

October Updates

We’d like to thank everyone who came to our Banned Books Week Celebration in late September.  It was a big success. We are so thrilled to have conversations surrounding censorship of books and find support on campus of those who want to battle censorship. If you could not attend our shin dig and you would like more information on banned books, you can visit .


The library staff is pleased to announce the roll out of our new website! It is THE place to go for all kinds of great resources! You can connect to the library’s catalog, see our amazing selection of databases, link up to student and faculty websites, find out about a plethora services and more.
Find it: On the OCAC website ( under Campus Life you’ll see the library page and the link.
Take a look. Book mark it. Use it!

The library is also happy to announce the permanent installation of a coffee/tea cart. Come relax between classes in library and enjoy a cup of coffee while you work on homework. This is our free gift to the OCAC community, though donations are appreciated to keep it stocked.