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The purpose of this blog is to alert avid readers from the Oregon College of Art and Craft community of some of our personal favorites from the library and to foster an online community around discussing interesting reads and related resources.

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  3. Just want to thank you guys for your interest. It’s weird but medium wonderful that freewheeling thoughts from West Wales can resonate with folks in Oregon. As you may have seen, my interest in modern art is kindof caught up in my ruminations upon rugby/football etc. But feel free to check me out now and again for sincere and generally colourful opinion on Miro/Van Gogh/Hirst/who knows who?
    Good luck and thank you
    bowlingatvincent. com bowlingatvinny on twitter.

  4. Thanks for your like——-hope you’ll pass the picture created by that 11 year old boy to friends. the more people that become aware of the work done by Ezer Mizion, the more kids like Udi we can help. i cannot begin to imagine the feelings of Ezer Mizion staff and volunteers on the day they came on their regular rounds to him and…he wasn’t there.

  5. Just now I have been working on my memoir–another blog is where I try it out. Kind of fun working in two different forms that feed off one another. Hey. Good luck with your big weekend out in Oregon. Bit too far from Connecticut to get there..

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