Summer weeding, library style

Hi campers! Now that the students have finished class (and I’m so lonely in the library!) it is time for fun summer projects. “Fun” is a relative term in this instance, but I do love discovering weird gems in the collection. Here’s a stack of books (on the counter behind me) that are going out to pasture in storage. As you can see in the stacks behind, this didn’t make much of a dent. IMG_0877

And here are a couple of my favorites. This commentary is inspired by one of my favorite blogs,, which, if you haven’t looked at, do!

Audio Arts: SO contemporary, as the title implies! This one is hot off the presses, as you can see. I wonder if any of our students have used or remember the media pictured below. Despite the amazing aesthetic you can observe here, it is full of interviews with actually interesting artists, so even though it hasn’t circ’ed in a few years, I’m keeping this little friend, but it’s going out to storage.


Here’s a couple pictures from a very scary book about collecting crafts. This chapter was about “what to do when you bring your art home”, as if I would have this in my house! The nightmares it would cause me and my children…

Okay, this book wins the award for the least-savory cover picture. It just grosses me out, I’m sorry to be so immature. I guess it’s the hairy arms coupled with the color of the clay. This is not the same medium as Patrick and Demi worked with in Ghost.


Now for a book that is staying in my main collection because it’s amazing. It’s called Portables, and is all about, well, portable things.  Here’s a picture of the cover and an example page below. Don’t miss the protective covering in the far right corner for “a walk in the park”. So awesome.



And, for the truly courageous among us, Weave Your Own Tweed! Yes sir, let those shuttles fly! Something about that image of the man behind the loom makes it look like he’s travelling through time, and indeed, perhaps he is!


And finally, what collection would be complete without An Encyclopedia of Sofas? Dibs on the pair that look like boxing gloves, they would look tremendous in my living room.


That’s all for now, but the weeding has just begun, stay tuned for more treasures from the library!



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