Zines: Coming to a Library Near You!

Specifically, this one.

If you’re a punk rocker, art school kid, or some other genre-defying cool person, you probably already know what a zine is.

For the rest of you losers (just kidding), here’s the skinny:


Zines are handmade mini-magazines (the term is an abbreviation of fanzine) that feature content curated by their makers. This could be original poetry, a collection of photographs, a comic you wrote about this one weird thing that happened to you, once… anything, really. And that’s the beauty of zines. They can be about whatever one deems zine-worthy, and anyone with basic photocopy machine prowess and a stapler can make them. Truly, zines keep the public in publication.

So in order to support this democratic form of publishing, as well as celebrate and promote the work of our creative community, the library will be hosting an opening reception showcasing zines created by this fall’s Writer’s Craft students.

The reception will be held Thursday, December 15th from 12-1PM, right here in the library.

So come enjoy some light refreshments and see what these cool cats are passionate about. Who knows, maybe you’ll finally meet someone who shares your burning love for Trompe L’ Oeil or your deep-rooted vendetta against Trump L’President. (Although, let’s be honest, the latter ain’t really all that hard to find, around here.)

Check it Out!

Mary J. Wilson


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