Diane Arbus

Today’s featured find is a vintage photography publication, showcasing the work of Diane Arbus. The magazine itself is appealingly large (you’ll find it in our oversized collection), and affords each photograph ample page space. The only accompanying text to these vignettes of the 60’s is the year they were shot, allowing the images to speak for themselves. My favorite is a two-page center-fold style photo of a tattooed man laying in the grass with a lit cigarette held firmly between his fingers, gazing intensely at the camera.

Every photo has a sense of quiet moodiness to it- a sort of everyday surrealism. In another photo, a muscular man in weightlifting shorts wears a champion medal and stands by a large trophy, wearing an unreadable expression on his face in a spare room. Looking at these photos, the mind wanders through the curious scenes depicted and invents stories about the people and places therein. Strange and beautiful, this is definitely a magazine to get lost in.







Check it out!

Mary J Wilson


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