Bakelite Style



Looking for illustration inspiration? Bakelite Style contains page after page of beautiful Deco-era whatnots all made from the original plastic, developed by Belgian chemist Leo Hendrick Baekeland in 1907.

Everything in this book is completely charming, from the white-and-seafoam-green-flecked toast holder to the three-foot-tall champagne bottle radio. Just imagine the person who owned that radio. You could design a room around a thing like that. In any case, I bet whoever it was threw spectacular parties.

Flipping through these pages makes me want to invent a time machine to return to an era with better style than ours and never come back. But since I haven’t yet finished drawing up the plans for such a machine, for now the best I can do is let my imagination sink into the sumptuous Deco curves and concoct houses and people to go along with all of these beguiling Bakelite oddities. And really, that’s not so bad either.






Check it out!

Mary J. Wilson


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