Conversation On Craft: Mending

November 14, 2015
OCAC Campus 8245 SW Barnes Road
3:00PM Vollum Drawing/Painting/Photography Building
The Oregon College of Art and Craft’s MFA in Craft and Fibers Department present Conversation on Craft: Mending, a panel discussion investigating Mendingthe iconoclastic undercurrents within making-based creativity, featuring artists and educators Jovencio de la Paz, Rock Hushka, Mark Newport and Tali Weinberg. Together, with moderator Emily Nachison, head of Fibers at OCAC, they will establish an open dialog concerning the metaphorical, figurative, and formal process of mending in contemporary craft, fiber, and art. Attendance is free and open to the public.

To mend is to repair, to correct, and to improve. Historically this was a common practice of making greater use of the objects in our lives. In recent years, however, mending, repair, and patching has become a political act of anti-consumerism by sustaining an object beyond its obsolescence and a declaration of individuality by opening an opportunity to hack, modify, decorate, connect, and take.

Conversations on Craft is a forum addressing the skill and art of creativity. Focused on a making space, the intention is to incite discourse and exercise motivations, aspirations, even prejudices that surround Contemporary Craft, particularly Craft’s persistent presence in a contemporary culture suspicious of labored beauty and material literacy.

Mark Newport, Detail of “Mend 3,” 2015. Embroidery on muslin, 17″ x 13″.


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