MFA AC+D Exhibition Closing Reception: Friday!



The MFA Applied Craft + Design Class of 2015 Graduate Exhibition

May 22, 2015 – June 5, 2015

421 NE 10th Ave, 97232

The joint MFA in Applied Craft + Design is pleased to present the culmination of two years of hands-on designing and making. The exhibition features the 2015 graduation class’ practicum projects that explore the convergence of art, craft, and design practices.

We are makers of objects, interfaces, environments, and experiences. Through actual and digital means, we exhaustively explore material, investigate process and manifest ideas in provocatively meaningful ways. We have learned to build with intention, always seeking meaning and purpose, not just highly polished results.

As we reach this stage of our creative endeavor, we stop to reflect – several steps removed – so that we can better observe and gain perspective on our personal and creative progress.

We invite you to join us in a celebration of steps concluded and steps yet to be taken.

Exhibition Hours –

June 2 – June 5,  12 – 2pm & 5 – 7pm

Closing Reception – Friday, June 5, 6 – 9 pm.

Featuring Work from: Bukola Koiki, Jadene Mayla, James Rouse, Jennifer Cooke, Marie Goebel, Michael Schnitman, Nicholas Parker, Rachel McKenna, Reese Bowes, Richard Decker, Ryan Newson, Samantha Estrella-Boyland, Shawn Daughton, and Tyler Peterson.


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