Featured Periodical: American Craft


Mariko Kusumoto is featured in the April/May 2015 issue of American Craft

From craftcouncil.org:

American Craft is a wish book that helps creative people to see the world with fresh eyes. Its memorable stories and images inspire readers to craft a conscientious, expressive life they feel good about. The magazine celebrates the age-old human impulse to make things by hand, in order to communicate, learn, heal, and connect. Our core audience values community, sustainability, quality and authenticity.

June/July 2015 is our museums issue. We announce the winners and finalists of our Emerging Voices Award, celebrating artists and scholars in the first five years of their career. A panel of museum pros talk about staying relevant while dealing with fractured audiences and increased competition. We spend some time admiring Paula Kovarik’s free-motion quilt drawings while she explains how she became a full-time artist. The founders of Brooklyn’s Wax/Surf Co. share their adventures in custom surfboards. For more on the issue, check out this trailer.



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