Book Review: 33 Artists in 3 Acts

So, you read Seven Days in the Art World and you’re ready for more? Good news! Sarah Thornton’s follow-up, 33 Artists in 3 Acts is another entertaining view of the art world and is available now! This book focuses on artists’ personas, politics, and personal relationships. Thornton asks, over and over, “What is an artist?” and never receives the same answer twice. How would you answer if the question were put to you?

From Book News:

Thornton, best selling author of “Seven Days in the Art World,” explores the question “what is an author” in this collection of profiles of thirty-three contemporary artists. Artists range from international superstars to art teachers. Stories are divided in to three acts: Politics, Kinship and Craft. Each “scene” provides intimate details into the author’s life and explores the triumphs, crises and habits of successful artists. Examples of each artist’s work are also included. Artists profiled include Ai Weiwei, Carroll Dunham, and Jack Bankowsky. Artists and lay people alike will find this a fascinating and enjoyable read. Annotation ©2015 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (


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