Book Review: Edward Ruscha: Editions 1959-1999 Catalogue Raisonne

This two-volume set is a catalogue for the Walker Art Center’s 1999 show of the same name. It provides one volume of images of Ruscha’s prints, books, and miscellany, and a second volume of essays, images, and information.


Ruscha’s first book Twentysix Gasoline Stations “was responsible for a significant shift in the practice” of bookmaking, according to Clive Phillpot in his essay “Sixteen Books and Then Some.” As a bookmaker I am particularly interested in Ruscha’s use of the book form, and this catalogue provides images of each book comprehensively; each book is represented completely as a series of little rectangles, page spread by page spread. I’m inspired both by the wealth of works and by the catalogue’s presentation of them, and these books provide a lot of Ruscha’s work to look at as well as a lot of analysis of them.



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