Friday’s post: What’s happening this weekend?

The Portland Art Museum is still hosting (they extended it!) the exhibition of Richard Mosse’s The Enclave. You can find out more about it here. We’ve been hearing a lot about this exhibition, and you still have the chance to head over to the Museum and check it out until April 12. From the PAM website:


“The Enclave was produced using a recently discontinued military film technology originally designed in World War II to reveal camouflaged installations hidden in the landscape. This film registers an invisible spectrum of infrared light, rendering the green landscape in vivid hues of lavender, crimson, and hot pink. On the threshold of the medium’s extinction, Mosse employed this film to document an ongoing conflict situation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Have you visited this exhibition? Let us know what you thought in the “comments” section! Have a great weekend!


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