Staff Picks: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

A Drink with Shane MacGowan by Victoria Mary Clarke and Shane MacGowan is certainly a unique memoir, starring the charismatic and always interesting frontman of the legendary Irish band The Pogues. His stories are shared in a series of conversations with his girlfriend, and circle around his early life, his music career and all the various sorts of shenanigans he got up to in between. Includes his hand-drawn scribbles and prose. A very fun read–just in time for St. Paddy’s day, and Spring Break! Come check it out at the OCAC Library! –Elsa


From Goodreads:

Hell-raiser Shane MacGowan’s acclaimed and surprisingly lucid memoir. This bibulous, drug-indulgent and anarchic rock legend was born on a small farm in Tipperary, won a scholarship to Westminster, was rapidly expelled, became a rent boy, then a central figure of punk and the hugely influential star of The Pogues. MacGowan’s music, innovative and powerful, is as distinctive as his chaotic, breakdown-scarred, drug and alcohol-fuelled lifestyle. MacGowan has an enormous fan-base hungry for stories of his wild behaviour, but this is also a book that celebrates this unique and charming musician, and offers insight into his remarkable perspective on this world – and the next!” (


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