Course Reserves in Your Library

OCAC Library is proud to present our course reserves in a new way. While many are already familiar with our reserves, we wanted to reintroduce this section of our library now that it has a face lift.

1267001_10151897708861204_1655495484_oThe reserves are generally materials set aside by faculty to supplement the classes they teach. If you are taking Plant Ecology, you will find a number of helpful books and plant guides that have been placed in the reserves. Plant specimens are also available to use in the library for practice identification (or just for inspiration). For letterpress and papermaking, there are a multitude of books examining process and structure. These are available in the library, any time, for student and OCAC community use. Some materials can be checked out for limited periods or otherwise utilized in the library. The reserve collection is housed in our periodical room right next to the reference materials. These collections have been placed together for your studying convenience.

In addition to this physical space, there is now an online platform for students to use. Our population on campus is diverse and the library hours do not meet the needs of all of our students. If you find yourself at home and need to look at the list of reserved books you can do so starting Spring term. Go to the library website, then click on More Library Resources and Course Reserves. This will take you to a table including what classes currently have books reserved. You can then click on your class and see the list of books that are here.

Faculty can even come here to find information on creating a new reserve collection for their class.



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