Donations Donations Donations!!!

OCAC library has long been the proud recipient of book donations. Artists and fond members of the art community have graciously bestowed the library with many of the treasures it has today. We have received quite the collection covering all of the realms of craft the college offers. This year alone we have been gifted numerous books in fantastic condition, including 42 generously donated volumes from John Gray’s estate.

John Gray (1919-2012) was known for developing some of the state’s most prominent resorts, including Sunriver, and Salishan, as well as redeveloping the John’s Landing district in Southwest Portland. He was also a major force in founding the Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge area. Later in life, he became known regionally for his philanthropic efforts. Gray was born in Ontario and raised in Monroe.

Gray had a passion for Native American artwork, and the works that were bequeathed to the library focus heavily on the pottery of Southwestern American tribes, including Pueblo figurative pottery, Northwestern tribes’ totem poles, and much more.

Please come to the library to use these wonderful resources and appreciate the generosity of  an important member of our Oregon community.


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