Heartbleed Bug

As more and more of our world becomes digital, the world of hacking becomes a much larger threat. Many people are worried about the newest bug on the internet, Heartbleed.

While there is a lot of technical explanation out there, the important information to know is that Heartbleed is not affecting your home computer. The bug affects primarily software that provides online services. So be aware, things such as facebook, online banking, turbo tax etc. may have been compromised. It is suggested that all users change their online passwords AFTER a site has been cleared for Heartbleed. You can check which sites have been cleared here.

It is recommended that you change all passwords, even for sites like facebook, where you might have even the slightest personal information stored.

For a comprehensive look at what Heartbleed is you may read up in the news or check out C|NET’s article.


*Update*If you use the following common sites, it is now safe to change your passwords:



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