Knitting For The Penguins!!

Here are OCAC we like any excuse to get together and craft. What better way than to have a knitting circle to help aid penguins?! Today Fibers students (and novice knitters) will join in the library for a knittin’ good time to make sweaters for penguins affected by oil spills.

The Penguin Foundation, an organization that helps rehabilitate penguins, utilizes sweaters to help keep oil-spill penguins in good health. Oil affects the penguin’s water proofing, making them cold. The sweaters keep them warm until members of the foundation can clean each animal. The sweaters also keep the little penguins from ingesting oil while preening.

Image found via USA Today

For more information on penguins please visit the Penguin Foundation website. If you would like to make a sweater to donate, please do your research so that you find a location that is currently in need and so that you can knit the appropriate size sweater for that species of penguin. Some charities have been swarmed with sweaters and have too many, so do some reading up. However even in times of abundance, most penguin sweater charities still use the excess sweaters by dressing toys to sell. Money spent on the toy penguins goes toward penguin aid.

Either way, OCAC is happy to use our crafting skills to help raise money for, or to specifically aid penguin rehabilitation.


One thought on “Knitting For The Penguins!!

  1. There’s a song about this! Appropriately, it’s called “Sweaters for Penguins” … you’ll find it out there in the ether of the internet …

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