Wendy Landry quote on Pamela Ritchie’s jewelry: “for the viewer, the question arises …”

“[F]or the viewer the question arises as to whether the wearer of a Ritchie ornament is being adorned and their personality expressed, or instead, whether the wearer’s body operates as a mobile gallery, showcasing Richie’s expressive material poetry, inviting approach and contemplation. Paradoxically, like much fine craft today, Ritchie’s work is more often seen in a pristine gallery setting or published photograph, without the modifying effects of wearer, garments, or other objects, or particular social contexts of use. While the gallery setting focuses the viewer’s attention on the works, it does not indicate the idiosyncratic and complex manner in which the jewelry will be incorporated into socia life.” (26)

Landry, Wendy. “Pamela Ritchie: Nova Scotia’s Intellectual Gem.” Metalsmith. Vol.32, No.2, 2012. pg 22-31


4 thoughts on “Wendy Landry quote on Pamela Ritchie’s jewelry: “for the viewer, the question arises …”

  1. I am always absolutely amazed how different contemporary craft jewellery feels like **on the body**. At ‘Collect’ one year I tried on some ‘foreverringe’ – forever rings – by Bettina Dittlman & Michael Jank. They look like lumps of metal, but on the hand – wow. I spent all night awake trying to justify buying one (800 euros for ‘mine’, competeley impossible for me at the moment). I can still remember the feeling of the ring on my finger, the feeling of being more intensely myself wearing it.

    So if you are ever going to a big show, dress up so you can get to try jewelry on – it’s worth it! (but leave your wallet at home)

  2. Thanks for the post, it is very interesting to think of it as an aesthetic ecosystem, rather than a more modular “statement.” I think pieces like that must force you to “read into” them, automatically placing them in a personal and social context. Thanks again, very thought provoking….

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