Library Love – Librotraficante

News of the efforts of the  Underground Library,  Librotraficante, came to me while visiting beautiful, dramatic, sun-drenched Albuquerque, NM.  

Librotraficante is working to reintroduce Pro-Latina(o) literature back into Arizona, where Latino studies have been banned. Talk about the dark side of all that bright splendor!

There are Underground Libraries in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.


6 thoughts on “Library Love – Librotraficante

  1. I majored in Spanish in college. I teach Spanish now. It will come as no surprise when I call the situation in Arizona a train wreck. Heaven forbid that this wretched legislation be replicated elsewhere. Thank you for calling attention to the librotraficantes.

  2. Penalising Spanish lessons? Banning courses of ethnic study? What on earth is going on in Arizona? I know I am a mere foreigner but from here it sounds both extraordinary and very worrying.

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