Holly Levell quote: “Well, I looked at a lot of …”

“Joe Hall: Although the choices people make seem unconscious, on another level, we’re encouraged to choose certain brands, did you look at that side of it – the advertising and marketing?

Holly Levell: Well, I looked at a lot of packaging design and how companies were making things. I did some work on one of the Heinz companies. The advertising team tries to think of products in terms of their emotional connection with people, so Heinz Baked Beans are all about a sort of nostalgia. The adults buying them now still remember being a child and having beans on toast on a rainy day. Heinz wants the customer to relate to the advertising and the colours of the packaging in some way. So I started to think about how to get people to look at objects. The idea of using textiles is of softening a solid thing, making it even more like the nostalgia thing – a soft sort of memory” (21)

Hall, Joe. “Keeping It Real.” Embroidery. Vol. 63. March/April, 2012. pgs 18-23.


9 thoughts on “Holly Levell quote: “Well, I looked at a lot of …”

  1. Soft sculpture has almost an animating effect, too. It brings the object to life in a way that is tactile and comforting and playful — the baked beans are now magic beans.

  2. Love this, I recently saw a piece by a Chinese artist at White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney and she had recreated her front door/stoop through embroidery and soft sculpture. Really compelling.

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