Things to do in Portland this weekend: (03/17/12 – 03/18/12) “KMRIA, Sassparilla for St. Paddy’s day & Vetiver and Gold Leaves”


“It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day in Portland without the welcome return of KMRIA (that’s Kiss My Royal Irish Arse to you, boyo). Including members of the Decemberists, Eels, the Minus 5, and many more among its ranks, this all-star Pogues cover band reconstitutes (after taking last St. Pat’s off) for this highest of holy days. As ever, KMRIA shall play the patented Celtic punk of the Pogues, with singers Casey Neill, Ezra Holbrook, and Scott McCaughey taking turns tackling the gutter-drunk gnarr of Shane McGowan—hopefully without too much method acting. It’s a night for black beer (not that green stuff) and a casual stroll toward oblivion. Just be sure to find your way back.” By NED LANNAMANN from Portland Mercury (here)

Where:  Wonder Ballroom | 128 NE Russell

When:  Saturday, March 17, 9pm | $13

Phone:  284-8686



“Gold Leaves makes more of that mellow, golden-glowed folk rock that pervades Seattlelike Starbucks franchises. One can grow blasé about this sound (I sure have), but this Gold Leaves fella, Grant Olsen (ex-Arthur & Yu), writes songs in this mode with slightly more craftiness and subtlety than most in the crowded field; “Endless Dope” is especially lovely. The Ornaments, his 2011 full-length on Hardly Art, strikes a resonant chord of nonchalant down-heartedness à la the immortal Lee Hazlewood. In a similar vein, San Francisco Sub Pop fixtures Vetiver amble and drawl like they have more time to do exactly what they want than you do. Andy Cabic and his crew really know folk-rock history, and they emulate the music’s greats with exquisite aptitude and care.” by DAVE SEGAL from Portland Mercury (here)

Where: Doug Fir |830 E. Burnside St.

When: 9 pm, Sunday March 18 | $13-$14.

Phone: 231-9663



2 thoughts on “Things to do in Portland this weekend: (03/17/12 – 03/18/12) “KMRIA, Sassparilla for St. Paddy’s day & Vetiver and Gold Leaves”

  1. Oh man, I just left Portland, but would have loved to see KMRIA. The only place I would have rather been was New Orleans, where they throw a mean party, complete with parades and street parties. That said, I was in New Orleans.

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