Allan Wexler quote: “When we cross a threshold …”

“When we cross a threshold, we change a space and it changes us” (54)

Beckenstein, Joyce. “Allan Wexler : the Man who would be Architecture.” Sculpture. 31.1 January/February 2012. Pgs 52 -57.


6 thoughts on “Allan Wexler quote: “When we cross a threshold …”

  1. Within the health literature, there have been some interesting studies showing that when a person passes through a doorway their ability to recall recent facts and events is decreased. I wonder how this might relate to crossing thresholds from an artistic perspective…

  2. I know this isn’t the best place to message you, but I’m new at this and I don’t see a way to send you a private one. Will you do me a favor and critique my latest painting. I want a second opinion of if my Toccopola project house look like a haunted house, cheap and creepy or something of deeper value and high art.

  3. I really want to turn the house on wheels into a chicken coop – the most illustrious, gorgeous chicken coop there ever was, that is!

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