48. “Thinking about Exhibitions” edited by Reesa Greenberg, Bruce W. Ferguson, and Sandy Nairne.

Kristan Kennedy will be giving an interesting talk today at 12:45 in the Centrum studio. She is “an artist and curator who is currently the Visual Art Curator for the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Kennedy’s curatorial initiatives focus on the creation of new work by working with emerging artists on large scale installations and helping foster their projects from concept to completion. Kennedy curates video, installation, music and new media projects presented at PICA’s annual Time-Based Art Festival” (from here).  OCAC is honored to have Kennedy come talk with our community on campus, and we encourage everyone to attend. It will definitely be an insightful talk and interesting discussion!

Check out Amy Bernstein’s interview with Kristan Kennedy “about her insights into the city of Portland, its art scene, and the evolution and orchestration of the most exciting art event of the year, TBA” here: http://www.portlandart.net/archives/2011/09/interview_with_14.html

Thinking about curatorial work, especially with respect to contemporary exhibitions, we’ve selected for this week’s library pick: Thinking about Exhibitions edited by Reesa Greenberg, Bruce W. Ferguson, and Sandy Nairne.

As the publisher notes, this exciting work is an “anthology of writings on exhibition practice from artists, critics, curators and art historians plus artist-curators. It addresses the contradictions posed by museum and gallery sited exhibitions, as well as investigating the challenge of staging art presentations, displays or performances, in settings outside of traditional museum or gallery locales” (from here).

Essays of particular relevance on this topic include:

  • “Brokering Identities: art curators and the politics of cultural representation” by Mari Carmen Ramirez
  • “Large Exhibitions: a sketch of a typology” by Jean-Marc Poinsot
  • “The Exhibitionary Complex” by Tony Bennett
  • “Exhibition Rhetorics: material speech and utter sense” by Bruce W. Ferguson
  • “Creating Spaces” by Gerald McMaster
  • “The Great Curatorial Dim-Out” by Lawrence Alloway
  • “From Museum Curator to Exhibition Auteur: inventing a singular position” by Nathalie Heinich and Michael Pollak
  • “Constructing the Spectacle of Culture in Museums” by Ivan Karp and Fred Wilson
  • “The Show You Love to Hate: a psychology of the mega-exhibition” by John Miller
  • “Dissenting Spaces” by Judith Barry
  • “Postmodernism’s Museum without Walls” by Rosalind E. Krauss
  • “The Exhibited Redistributed: a case for reassessing space” by Reesa Greenberg
  • “A Visual Machine: art installation and its modern archetypes” by Germano Celant
  • “The Institutionalization of Dissent” by Sandy Nairne
  • “What’s Important About the History of Modern Art Exhibitions?” by Martha Ward.

This is a huge topic and a crucial one for emerging artists to think about, if they’re considering exhibiting their work! Check it out!

See you at the talk!


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