47. “DIY in PDX” compiled by Iris Porter and illustrated by Lily Gilbert.

Renowned entrepreneur and designer, Sandy Chilewich, will be giving a talk today at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in the Vollum Drawing and Painting studios from 12:45 – 1:45pm. She is known world-wide for modern reinterpretations of underutilized materials and manufacturing processes. Learn how she designed and brought to market award-winning products made in theUSAand sold globally. Chilewich Sultan LLC, a New York based company, has transformed how people dress their tables at home and in restaurants around the globe, while their floor and wall coverings provide a clean contemporary alternative in the design community. Some of her designs are also on display in the OCAC retail craft gallery, so be sure to stop by and check them out on your way to the lecture!

To learn more about Sandy Chilewich, we encourage you to visit her website: http://chilewich.com/about/sandy

Thinking about entrepreneurship, we were reminded of the work of a former OCAC student in Book Arts, Iris Porter.  She published a book on the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture inPortlandthat compiles the stories of 28 local artists, writers, musicians and other entrepreneurs. It is a fascinating culmination projects and essays, including Eleanor Whitney’s text on “The Creative Process and Radical Potential of DIY,” Chloe Eudaly’s “How to quit your job, get a life, and word harder than you ever imagined,” and “Promoting small press books with little or no money” by  Kevin Sampsell, among other interviews and small business spotlights.

Here’s how one reviewer described the book: “DIY in PDX is mostly an ongoing discussion and how-to manual. You’ll hear from Molly Sprenglemeyer, volunteer coordinator for North Portland’s SCRAP (School & Community Reuse Action Project) and Portland DIY veteran (she remembers a time when clothes at the Goodwill bins were 49 cents a pound!). You’ll get book recommendations from the effervescent Chloe Eudaly, founder of Reading Frenzy (she remembers P-town’s ’80s book cafes Howling Frog and Umbra Penumbra). You’ll read encouragement and advice from countless organizers of craft bazaars, zine symposia and CD compilations (one is even included in the pages of the book). And by book’s end, you’ll be inspired to bust out the four-track recorder and warble your way to self-sufficient stardom.”—from Elizabeth Dye’s review in the Willamette Week (here).

Perhaps in today’s economic climate, the DIY movement and the stories of successful entrepreneurs might be all the more significant.  Decide for yourself. Come to today’s talk with Sandy Chilewich and check out DIY in PDX!


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