Things to do in Portland this weekend: (03/04/12 – 03/05/12) “Mark Rothko and John Frame Exhibits at the Portland Art Museum & the March Fourth Marching Band”


Mark Rothko

“Regarded as one of the leading American artists of the 20th century, Mark Rothko (1903-1970) began his life in art as Marcus Rothkowitz in Portland, Ore. Having emigrated from Russia as a 10-year-old with his mother and older sister in 1913 to join his father and brothers inPortland, Rothko attended Lincoln High School and took his first art classes at the Museum Art School before going off to Yale, New York City, and beyond. This exhibition celebrates a native son whose lyrical paintings created a legacy for the world.

The 45 works in the exhibition trace Rothko’s artistic path from the late 1920s until shortly before his death in 1970. Borrowed from the Rothko family, the National Gallery of Art, and private collectors, the exhibition presents  Portland’s first comprehensive look at the artist’s development and the aesthetic issues that shaped his production. The exhibition moves from his early figurative works of the 1920s under the tutelage of Max Weber and friendship with Milton Avery, into the attenuated figures of his New York subway paintings, through an abstract surrealist phase to the emergence at the end of the 1940s of his mature abstract style of floating, saturated color and transcendent calm.

A retrospective survey of Mark Rothko’s paintings has never been staged in Portland, although Rothko’s first museum exhibition was hosted by the Museum in 1933-34.

The Museum thanks the National Gallery of Art and the Rothko children, Kate Rothko Prizel and Christopher Rothko, for their enthusiasm and supportof this effort to bring the paintings of Mark Rothko to Portland. The late Harold Schnitzer was instrumental in moving this landmark exhibition to fruition for the community.” from the Portland Art Museum (here)

John Frame: “Three Fragments of a Lost Tale”

“Art, music, poetry, and film come together in John Frame’s ambitious project The Tale of the Crippled Boy. The end goal of this ongoing project is a feature-length collection of animated and live film vignettes. Three Fragments of a Lost Tale presents his work on this project during the past five years, including installations of his handmade sculptures, stage sets, still photographs, music score, and animated film vignettes.

Since 2006, Frame, a California-based sculptor, has been working toward the creation of a stop-motion animated drama featuring an eclectic cast of fully articulated characters composed of found materials and meticulously carved wood. These figures build upon the distinctive, often theatrical, sculptures Frame has created throughout his career, which have been the subject of two retrospective exhibitions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Long Beach Museum of Art, Calif.

The exhibition will include the sculptures that have become the cast of characters in Frame’s evolving full-length film, as well as the film footage created thus far in this monumental project.

To learn more about John Frame,

–from the PortlandArt Museum(here)

Where:  PortlandArt Museum,1219 SW Park Avenue

Phone:  503-226-2811



“Will saxophone-playing stilt-walkers ever get old? Portland’s raucous marching band, March Fourth Marching Band, is getting a little long in the tooth: Today is their ninth birthday blowout party, and they’re celebrating with two shows! Even after nearly a decade, no one throws a party like a punk-rock marching band.” — SARAH MIRK from the Portland Mercury (here)

Where: Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside

When: Sun., March 4, 9pm. | $25


Phone: 225-0047


16 thoughts on “Things to do in Portland this weekend: (03/04/12 – 03/05/12) “Mark Rothko and John Frame Exhibits at the Portland Art Museum & the March Fourth Marching Band”

  1. Rothko, one of my favorates!! I saw an impressive collection of his works in LA. A room with huge canvases, and after a while it felt like the air was vibrating, the room lifting and me floating in it….

  2. Have always appreciated Rothko, but John Frame is new to me. Incredible vision…thanks for bringing it forward.

  3. Just saw “Red”, the stage production about Rothko at the Arena Stage in Washington D.C. last weekend. Absolutely fantastic play! There are only 2 characters, Rothko and his studio assistant, and the charged dialog between them tells the story. Afterwards we headed over to the National Gallery East Wing where there are 3 Rothko works on display from the Four Seasons commission– a project he later abandoned. Rothko is a fascinating painter with a compelling world of ideas surrounding him and his work. Wish I lived on the West coast and could see the Portland exhibit! If anyone finds themselves back East, I highly recommend the on-going installation at the Philips Collection, a small museum in Washington D.C. There is a small “Rothko Room” with some outstanding works, displayed as he intended with low lighting and in a small group. It is like a chapel, pulsing with color and the “life force” he wished to express.

  4. I never knew Mark Rothko was from Portland. I just assumed he was from New York (talk about urbsocentric). The other artist I know nothing about, but the image of his work is certainly captivating —
    If I were there, I’d BE there!!!!

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