46. Prints now : directions and definitions by Gill Saunders and Rosie Miles.

For the rest of this week, The Art Adventures Print Exhibition will be up at the Twist Frozen Yogurt Lounge (7535 SW Barnes Road |Portland | 97225). This exhibition features dry-point and collagraph prints, created by children in the printmaking workshop taught by artist Peter Nichols at OCAC’s Art Adventures Day Camp.

During camp, children grades 1-5 play games, sing songs, and participate in four exciting workshops daily. These workshops are designed to strengthen their creative abilities while developing their intellectual, social, and fine-motor skills.

From printmaking and ceramics, to carved wooden chairs and photography, OCAC’s art camps invite children to explore both 2D and 3D art mediums on a woodsy 10-acre campus outside of downtown Portland.

For more information about OCAC’s Art Adventures Program Click here or call 971-255-4205.

In honor of this fun and fantastic exhibition, we’ve selected Prints Now by Gill Saunders and Rosie Miles for this week’s library pick,. The book is organized into ten sections: 1) New Media, 2) Old Media mad new, 3) Print in 3-D, 4) Found and appropriated print, 5) New Narratives, 6) Site-Specific print, 7) Print as public art, 8) Multiples, 9) Community-based workshops, and 10) Getting into the marketplace. As the following description from the publisher indicates, this work chronicles the evolving and new developments in the world of fine printmaking:

Now encompassing everything from billboards and buttons to clothes, cakes, and shopping bags, printmaking and collecting are among the fastest-growing areas of fine art. The first general survey of contemporary prints to be published in ten years, Prints Now demonstrates the transformation printmaking has undergone over the last two decades. Case studies of artists, new media, and techniques include three-dimensional works like Grayson Perry’s ceramics, ephemeral work like Lee Wagstaff’s Shroud, and appropriated objects like Renee Green’s Commemorative Toile. Illustrated with one hundred wide-ranging examples, the book is not only an invaluable resource, but also a revelation about the potential of this infinitely flexible, infinitely accessible art form. –from the publisher

Artists represented in the book include: Paul Coldwell, Peter Halley, Peter Kennard and Cat Picton Phillipps, Cecilia Mandrile, Julian Opie, Peter Ford, Lee Wagstaff, Cristina Iglesias, Marilène Oliver, Faisal Abdu’Allah, Sarah Lucas, Lynne Allen, Rachel Whiteread, Ellen Bell, Cornelia Parker, Anne Rook, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, David Bosun, Thomas Kilpper, Richard Woods, Simon Patterson, Damien Hirst, Willie Cole, Sonia Boyce, Ken McDonald, Virgil Marti, Slimvolume, and Chris Ofili.

Check it out!

To follow what is going on in OCAC Book Arts Department, please check out their new blog: http://ocacbookarts.blogspot.com/. Already there are a lot of interesting works by OCAC students published there that are definitely worth checking out! Don’t miss it.


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