Library Love – Long Live Analog

The North East Institute for Analog Studies goes into its 18th year. (2009)

Our Mission;
 Since the first shadow was cast and traced on the walls of a cave man has been drawn to the experience of projected images. Centuries of invention and experimentation have yielded a species of devices capable of creating magic with just shadows and sound.  It is our mission to ensure that each generation of artists is familiar with the luminous possibilities of these marvelous and beautiful image making machines. We are also committed to the ongoing discussion of the analog in regard to culture and technology. We embrace models for imagining the world that are fluid.  In order to further our mission, the Institute relocated to the basement of the Montserrat College of Art Hardie Building during September 2004. It is our hope that this move will mark the beginning of a new era for the Institute and it’s program of sound and image events that exist truly as “Continuous and Ever-Changing”.

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