Latest Library Acqusitions

Hi everyone! 

To easily view what’s new in the library go to: LibraryThing.  Under the “Tags” heading you can sort by month (through January 2012) or department, including items purchased on behalf of the AC&D MFA (jMFA).
One item you will not see listed is actually a peer-reviewed journal, Craft Research,published by Intellect.  This publication was recently added to the OCAC collection thanks to funding assistance from the OCAC/PNCA joint AC&D MFA program.  There will be an online presence setup shortly.  This title is also indexed in Design and Applied Arts Index. Please contact me or Kevin with any questions regarding access.
Craft Research is relatively new to all, with its first publication launched in 2010.  It is edited by Kristina Niedderer, University of Wolverhampton and Katherine Townsend, Nottingham Trent University.
According to the Intellect Journal Catalogue:
“The aim of Craft Research is to advocate, promote and provide a recognized outlet for current and emerging craft research, including research into materials, processes,methods, concepts, aesthetics and style.  Through exemplary scholarly research, this journal represents the crafts as a vital and viable discipline that explores technology, questions and develops cultural and social practices, and interrogates and affirms philosophical and human values.”
Please stop by and have a look.

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