37. “Dash Snow : the end of living : the beginning of survival” by Dash Snow

This week’s library pick is Dash Snow : the end of the living : the beginning of survival by Dash snow, a young highly acclaimed New York artist who first started to make a name for himself by creating graffiti art. This monograph was published on the occasion of Snow’s exhibition held at Contemporary Fine Arts,Berlin, April 28-June 23, 2007.

This incredibly beautiful book demonstrates the enormous range of the artist (including “dada-esque collages, “modified bondage images,” “new sculptural works composed of items like books, doll heads, chain mail and skeletal fragments,” and “a smattering of the photographs and Polaroids that originally made Snow famous outside of street art culture” (here). Included in the book is also an article by Anna T. Berger who helps provide context to the Snow’s work.

Sadly Dash Snow’s life was tragically cut short by an overdose on July 13, 2009 at the Lafayette House in the East Village at the age of 27.  While the art world may not be in agreement about his work (“Some people think of him as the Kurt Cobain of the art world. Other people think of him as the Paris Hilton” (here), his work is an exuberant appeal for opening new opportunities in art (especially with respect to the ambiguities of what constitutes high and low art) and, more generally, the spectacle of experience.


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