Polly Ullrich quote: “Jewelry as an art form is …”

Jewelry as an art form is “open”: it works most clearly as a node of activities, not as a singular object. Jewelry circumnavigates through the world as it is worn and displayed; it transmits corporality by pushing the maker, the wearer and the viewer into noticing their bodies entwined in a physical experience of space. Jewelry’s activities provide a prototype of the world as a place of diffusion and multiplicity, grounded by the physical senses. In Jewelry, the business of both “being” and “doing” converge. (31)


Ullrich, Polly. “The Hand as Subject and Site.” Metalsmith. Vol.31, No.5, 2011. pgs 28-37.


5 thoughts on “Polly Ullrich quote: “Jewelry as an art form is …”

  1. Thank you for posting!!!! has been way underplayed in the “arts”; histories overloaded with the significance of historical ceremonies based around this pieces. Rings,crowns,swords,silver… I took foundry for years. In a way it was amusing. I was working on my bronze electrical cords which were huge and others were working on “gating” these little tiny art pieces.Hands also of course…

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