Jeffrey Weiss quote (on Cy Twombly’s sculptures) : “Separating the man…”

“Separating the man from his mythic or historical stature can be difficult. And it is, after all, the role of myth and historical narrative in his work—the apparent recuperation of those things—with which writers on this artist so often struggle. What seems to matter more to young artists is that he lived his art. Addressing the work, I try to maintain critical distance, but I find myself inevitably moved. Accounting for that, rather than resisting it, may be necessary. The work’s material identity is inseparable from the privacy of its motivations. It wants to traffic in myth and history, but intimacy is its sublime undoing.”

Weiss, Jeffrey. “Private Practice.” Artforum International 50.3 (2011): p216.


6 thoughts on “Jeffrey Weiss quote (on Cy Twombly’s sculptures) : “Separating the man…”

  1. One of my favorites–my thesis in Art History had to do with his personal interest in war…his work was very personal — showing only “Traces” of the what I would almost consider war-torn memorabilia—-his references so timely and personal yet stalked by past representations (Kent State shootings–French Revolution–Greek Myths).

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