10 Things to Halloween Don’t

  1. Don’t carve something like “Go Away” or “Not Yours” on a pumpkin and expect to see it intact in the morning.
  2. Don’t hand out pencils branded with your company’s name to trick-or-treaters without including your business card.
  3. Don’t think things will end any differently than last year if things really aren’t different than last year.
  4. Don’t wear makeup on your face if your face is already wearing a beard.
  5. Don’t watch a loud movie with the lights off and pretend you’re not home unless the movie you’re watching is actually John Hughes’ film, Home Alone (1990).
  6. Don’t buy candy to handout that you actually like to eat.
  7. Don’t go to a costume party without wearing a costume unless you’re bringing pizza or wearing nothing at all.
  8. Don’t walk anywhere people may be driving and don’t drive anywhere people may walk.
  9. Don’t be the person on the block who is clearly way too excited about Halloween by spending too much for a dinky little smoke machine.
  10. Don’t  miss OCAC’s New Student Lounge Opening and Halloween Party on Monday, 10/31, 5 – 8pm.

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