23. “Jewellery Fables = Sieradenfabels” by Felieke van der Leest

Jewellery Fables = Sieradenfabels by Felieke van der Leest

Felieke van der Leest’s “Jewelery Fables” is a 96 page monograph that represents the culmination of her work for the last ten years. Van der Leest incorporates a variety of materials and techniques in her work, a combination of textile techniques and working with precious metals as well as plastic that coalesce into playful craft objects and jewelry. Animal forms are often appropriated and re-imagined into magical worlds – often with witty results. For example, a miniature deer is outfitted with crocheted “camouflaged” pants with a red and white target covering its rear end.

Besides the obvious enthusiasm for color and for humorous juxtapositions, some critics also take care to present the “serious side” of her work and how it addresses “issues such as the environment and dealing with [or the treatment of] animals” [see: this review].  Many of her works draw from her childhood in the Netherlands and traveling to the zoo in Emmen, but, most of all, van der Leest is an inspiration for all Makers: Her works radiate with an overwhelming sense of the joy of making and experimentation, as well as the sense that the world of Craft is inexhaustible and full of infinite possibilities.


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