21. “The Object Of Labor : Art, Cloth, And Cultural Production” edited by Joan Livingstone

Livingstone, Joan, ed. The Object Of Labor : Art, Cloth, And Cultural Production. Chicago,Ill. : School of the Art Institute ofChicago Press, 2007.

In honor of Labor Day, the library’s pick this week is The Object of Labor, a compilation of essays that explore “the personal, political, social and economic meaning of work in the contexts of art and textile production.” The history of labor (e.g., evolving methods of production and the consumer behavior in the factory, the home, and the studio) and the effects of globalization work together to contextualize two particular topics that have implications for Makers in all mediums: the act of art-making as labor and the value of handmade objects versus “technologically improved” ones.

Artists represented include: Susie Brandt, Nick Cave, Park Chambers, Lisa Clark, Lia Cook, Ann Hamilton, Kimsooja, Barbara Layne and Sue Rowley, Lara Lepionka, Merrill Mason, Darrel Morris, Pepón Osorio, J. Morgan Puett and Iain Kerr, Karen Reimer, Yinka Shonibare, SubRosa, Christine Tarkowski, and Anne Wilson.


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