17. “DOING BUSINESS” edited by Stuart Horodner and Laurel Gitlen.

DOING BUSINESS edited by Stuart Horodner and Laurel Gitlen. 

With graduation right around the corner and with the current thesis shows opening each week (Wednesdays 4 – 6pm, Hoffman Gallery), it is an exciting time at OCAC, a time for celebration, for the sun to come out and stay out, and a time for reflection. DOING BUSINESS is more than collection of archival documents. It is a small window into the contemporary art world that shows what goes on behind-the-scenes and might help illuminate what working as a professional artist may be like for our students outside of school. Included are correspondences between artists, curators, publishers, dealers, critics, and collectors; emails; receipts from restaurants; hand-drawn diagrams; rescued crumpled notes on hotel stationary; and, strangely enough, a contract rider for Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks that lists everything from the technical requirements for their musical performances as well as what mandatory food and beverages must be provided free of charge. DOING BUSINESS is a fun, short, and fascinating look into the profession of being an artist.


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