15. “The Fabulous Destiny of the Quotidian” by Grand-Hornu books

The Fabulous Destiny of the Quotidian by Grand-Hornu books 

Begin with two chairs. Now tear them from their Victorian roots, yet offer a connection, obvious but slightly shocking. What you end up with is two chairs facing each other in an off kilter manner sharing the same back, which has been seemingly stretched, the image on the upholstery left with a distorted smear. This is the work of Sebastian Brajkovic, entitled Lathe chairs VIII, which I believe is a perfect summary of what The Fabulous Destiny of the Quotidian is talking about. This book was published to go along with an exhibition at Grand-Hornu in 2010. The only criterion was to refer to the “day-to-day.” The book is organized into the chapters: Fabulous, Destiny, and Quotidian (appropriately), each pieced together with discussion by ten authors from varying backgrounds. We shall never grow tired by constantly readdressed discussion of art vs. design or where it all converges.


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