2014 Thesis Kickstarter Kick-off

This year’s thesis class is very excited to be launching their Kickstarter campaign, which goes live tomorrow. The funds raised from the crowd-funding campaign will be used to create their show JUNCTURE, a two week exhibition of thesis work. The show will expertly showcase more than a year of hard work by the thesis class.

You can help make the show a possibility by going to their launch event.
“We will be hanging out on the top floor of the Asa Flats (1200 NW Marshall) from 5pm to 8pm TONIGHT (2/21/14). Pop in after work or before you light up the town! Have a glass of wine (or soda if that’s your thing), grab a snack and mingle with some incredible artists.”

The event will feature several monitors so that guests can view the thesis Kickstarter video. Participants can also back the event then and there by making a donation. If you can’t make it to the event itself, you can still support this very strong group of young artists by checking out the Kickstarter from home. Visit their site ocacthesis2014.tumblr.com for more details.

As a proud member of OCAC and the library, I can say that thesis work is crucial to the development of these artists. The process of writing a scholarly thesis prepares these individuals for life outside of art school. It challenges them to think critically of art and provides them with valuable skills they can take with them into life. Here at the library we work everyday with thesis students. We see their dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm. We support them everyday in their research endeavors and we ask that you support them as they build this show.

Well this week the library has been working busily. Our librarian Elsa has been purchasing this year’s new books and they have begun to trickle in. We are so excited to welcome roughly 150 new books to our collection. 

The addition of new books also means that some books will be weeded out and will be available for students, faculty and staff to utilize in their crafts around the campus (Waste Not!). This year we have decided to weed out some old periodicals, or magazines, from the library. While some magazines lose relevance to the cirriculum at OCAC, they can still be used to inspire new student work, explore older craft technique, or reexamine past political and cultural statements within art. While it is always sad to remove materials from the library, we are very pleased that they can go to students and be put to good use. We are hoping that this will also make room for new subscriptions that our library community can really get excited about. 

This Valentine’s day, come fall in love with one of our books. Be it old or new.

Your Online Database Options

Screenshot websiteDatabases are your best friend. They help with everything from images to full text articles on topics for your craft. Whether you need references on craft technique or just some ideas to get started on your next project, the library databases are one of your best resources available.

In the above image, you can see a screenshot of the OCAC Library website. The main page will look a little different, giving you access to the online catalog as well as some info about your library. Here on the “databases” tab, you can see just a few of the amazing databases available to the OCAC community. These top three here have specialized log ins that you can inquire about at the circulation desk (or give us a call). Other databases, including the amazing Academic OneFile, are provided through the Washington County Cooperative (of which our library is proudly a member). For these all you need is your library card and you can access the databases.

All of the databases can be accessed from school or from home once you have the proper log ins.

Does your project have mythological themes? Check out the Mythology database!
World War I inspired? We have history databases!
Working on a multicultural project? Take a look at the Archaeology in America: An Encyclopedia, CultureGrams, North American Indian, or the New Encyclopedia of Africa!

There are so many great resources floating around in the digital ether. Come to the library to inquire further or explore them at your own leisure.

In honor of Halloween, the Day of the Dead, Samhain, or whatever other mystical holidays you may be celebrating this season, we would like to  present a few books featuring spirits.

Face of the Spirits: Mask from the Zaire Basin, is one such book. It features photographs of masks that “are dynamic incarnations of omnipresent spirits”. Tribesman utilize the masks in their everyday culture as a medium between themselves and their ancestors. This connection to the spiritual world has important significance to the entire culture and is their connection to their legacy.

While the mask are beautiful, they are not art pieces as we might think of masks, but are influential tools to the tribes of the Zaire River Basin. Each image in the book features some history, cultural significance, and meaning of the featured mask as well as structural discussion.

Secondly, Yoshitoshi’s Thirty-Six Ghosts examines the woodblock prints of (you guessed it) ghosts. Each full size/full color print comes accompanied by the story on which each design is based. Some explain spirits relationships to nature, others depict ghosts of war.

Both these titles, and more are available at our library for check out. Come explore the afterlife through varied art forms.