Heartbleed Bug

As more and more of our world becomes digital, the world of hacking becomes a much larger threat. Many people are worried about the newest bug on the internet, Heartbleed.

While there is a lot of technical explanation out there, the important information to know is that Heartbleed is not affecting your home computer. The bug affects primarily software that provides online services. So be aware, things such as facebook, online banking, turbo tax etc. may have been compromised. It is suggested that all users change their online passwords AFTER a site has been cleared for Heartbleed. You can check which sites have been cleared here.

It is recommended that you change all passwords, even for sites like facebook, where you might have even the slightest personal information stored.

For a comprehensive look at what Heartbleed is you may read up in the news or check out C|NET’s article.


*Update*If you use the following common sites, it is now safe to change your passwords:


Knitting For The Penguins!!

Here are OCAC we like any excuse to get together and craft. What better way than to have a knitting circle to help aid penguins?! Today Fibers students (and novice knitters) will join in the library for a knittin’ good time to make sweaters for penguins affected by oil spills.

The Penguin Foundation, an organization that helps rehabilitate penguins, utilizes sweaters to help keep oil-spill penguins in good health. Oil affects the penguin’s water proofing, making them cold. The sweaters keep them warm until members of the foundation can clean each animal. The sweaters also keep the little penguins from ingesting oil while preening.

Image found via USA Today

For more information on penguins please visit the Penguin Foundation website. If you would like to make a sweater to donate, please do your research so that you find a location that is currently in need and so that you can knit the appropriate size sweater for that species of penguin. Some charities have been swarmed with sweaters and have too many, so do some reading up. However even in times of abundance, most penguin sweater charities still use the excess sweaters by dressing toys to sell. Money spent on the toy penguins goes toward penguin aid.

Either way, OCAC is happy to use our crafting skills to help raise money for, or to specifically aid penguin rehabilitation.

SO CLOSE!!!!! Thesis Kickstarter Update

The thesis students are just a few thousand dollars away from their kickstarter goal of $8500 and with only a few days left. If they do not meet their goal, they will not receive the funds for their show JUNCTURE. Please please help them out by making a donation. If you cannot make a donation, please tell your friends, family, and loved ones about the show and ask them to contribute. They are so very close. Every dollar is appreciated.


OCAC Thesis Kickstarter

Hello loyal followers of the library,

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about an important event on campus, the Senior Thesis Show: Juncture. Every year our graduating seniors are put to the test as they produce a thesis paper and a supporting body of thesis work for public display. OCAC’s yearly thesis show is an integral part of expressing the college’s mission in supporting fine craft.

That being said, the show Juncture will take place in a public venue. To raise the funds to reserve their venue, the senior thesis class has put together a kickstarter campaign. Funds provided by you, me and other art lovers will allow them to showcase their amazing art work, which has been more than a year in the making. Please take a minute to help them meet their goal. The kickstarter campaign officially ends on March 23rd at 10:25 am. If they do not meet their goal, they will not receive any of the money. As you can see, it is vitally important for us to help them out. If you have only a dollar to donate, please consider it.

As the library supporting student thesis research year round, we want to see these students succeed. We know that you do too.

Make A Donation

Storage: Where Books Go to Die

Here at the OCAC library, shelf real estate is hard to come by. Being a small  library means that if you want something new, you have to get rid of something old. This in context of books is very sad. A book no matter how old or outdated still has literary value based on the time of its publication. A ceramics technique book from 1980 may not seem that valuable, but it can tell you a lot about the time period: the style, technique, and even some politics surrounding the craft and art therein.

As a book lover, it is always hard to weed “no longer relevant” materials from our collection. We do our best to make sure that books leaving our library get a good home. That they either go to a student who can use them, a faculty member who can teach with them, or another library that can use them. And as sad as it is to let go of books, book weeding is a natural part of a library life cycle.

In our attempt to save some books from being lost, libraries have adopted storage. Much like it sounds, storage is a building, garage, or storage unit that houses older/less-used library materials. To me storage has always been a sanctuary.  Its a quiet secluded place separate from the library, where the books are hidden treasures. You can get away from the noise, from work, from all the trouble of your day and search through the stacks, never knowing what cool thing you are going to find next. That being said,storage is also a place where books go to die.

To me there are two types of patrons: catalog searchers, and stacks browsers. The first group are those who are tech savy and know the inner workings of the online searchable catalog. They do all their browsing here and order books to be pulled for them. These people may get an equal share of books from the library itself and books from the library’s storage, because they have the full list of what is available. The second group however are those who enjoy browsing. They know roughly what they are looking for. They make their way to that section of the library and browse for similar materials in the area. For these people they are only getting half the picture. They don’t get to see the all the other books on their selected topic, because those books live in storage. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” has never been more appropriate than in the library world.

For many reasons, storage books are just not used as often as they should be. For us at OCAC this can be problematic as nearly a quarter of our library books live in storage. The importance of storage cannot be overlooked. having this additional space allows us to have a much larger collection of books, supporting all the academia here at OCAC.

This month we choose to celebrate that awesomeness that is storage. We have created a book display of storage materials that have not been looked in some time. How long you ask? All of the books in the display have been un-handled for 10 or more years. A DECADE without being used. If you have some time to come by and look these books. Pick them up, read them, and please check them out.

2014 Thesis Kickstarter Kick-off

This year’s thesis class is very excited to be launching their Kickstarter campaign, which goes live tomorrow. The funds raised from the crowd-funding campaign will be used to create their show JUNCTURE, a two week exhibition of thesis work. The show will expertly showcase more than a year of hard work by the thesis class.

You can help make the show a possibility by going to their launch event.
“We will be hanging out on the top floor of the Asa Flats (1200 NW Marshall) from 5pm to 8pm TONIGHT (2/21/14). Pop in after work or before you light up the town! Have a glass of wine (or soda if that’s your thing), grab a snack and mingle with some incredible artists.”

The event will feature several monitors so that guests can view the thesis Kickstarter video. Participants can also back the event then and there by making a donation. If you can’t make it to the event itself, you can still support this very strong group of young artists by checking out the Kickstarter from home. Visit their site ocacthesis2014.tumblr.com for more details.

As a proud member of OCAC and the library, I can say that thesis work is crucial to the development of these artists. The process of writing a scholarly thesis prepares these individuals for life outside of art school. It challenges them to think critically of art and provides them with valuable skills they can take with them into life. Here at the library we work everyday with thesis students. We see their dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm. We support them everyday in their research endeavors and we ask that you support them as they build this show.